Safer Medicines Trust


Safer Medicines Trust is a UK registered patient safety charity. Our aim is to change the way medicines are tested, to make them safer for patients, by encouraging a transition to a new drug safety testing system focused firmly on human biology.

We organise and participate in scientific conferences, undertake original scientific research, disseminate information to non-scientists and scientists by producing high impact peer-reviewed publications, and engage with relevant regulatory and governmental agencies.

The challenge we face is immense and we are a small organisation, with limited resources.  Therefore we seek to work in partnership with other organisations and individuals who share our vision and goals.   We are joining the Alliance in order to develop even more effective partnerships with academia, industry, regulators, government agencies and research grant awarding organisations.  We believe that this will greatly increase the impact of our efforts and markedly accelerate the rate at which we and others can drive change.


We will contribute our skills, knowledge, ideas, resources and expertise to the Alliance. We have excellent communication skills, a strong delivery focus and high concern for impact.  This is reflected by our many previous achievements, including:

Our conferences

Recent publications

Our parliamentary initiatives