APPG for Human Relevant Science Annual General Meeting

6 December 2023 | 11am | Minutes

Location: Room Q, Portcullis House

Voting Members in Attendance Martyn Day MP, Baroness Hayman of Ullock, Peter Dowd MP, John McNally MP, Allan Dorans MP, Kerry McCarthy MP
Attendees Isobel Martin (Animal Free Research UK), Darcie Wilson (Animal Free Research UK), Paul-Enguerrand Fady, Chris Fegan
Apologies Baroness Bennett of Manor Hardcastle, Alan Brown, Alex Sobel, Andrew Gwynne, Andrew Selous, Anna Firth, Ben Everitt, Ben Lake, Caroline Dinenage, Caroline Lucas, Cat Smith, Christian Wakeford, David Davis, Dean Russell, Desmond Swayne, Giles Watling, George Eustice, Henry Smith, Kenny McAskill, Kim Johnson, Liz Saville Roberts, Natalie Elphicke, Navendu Mishra, Pauline Latham, Rebecca Long-Bailey, Sarah Champion, Scott Mann, Selaine Saxby, Sharon Hodgson, Sir Greg Knight, Sir Peter Bottomley, Sir Robert Buckland, Tan Dhesi, Wera Hobhouse


  1. Opening remarks

MD welcomed attendees, noted apologies, and thanked everyone for their efforts over the past year.

  1. Election of Chair
  • Chair – Martyn Day MP was elected unanimously


  1. Election of officers
  • Officer – Baroness Hayman was elected unanimously
  • Officer – Alex Sobel MP was elected unanimously in absentia
  • Officer – Anna Firth MP was elected unanimously in absentia

MD thanked previous Officers Andrew Selous, Tan Dhesi, Rachael Maskell and Chris Stephens for their work over the past year.

  1. APPG finances

The APPG is not required to prepare an income and expenditure statement.

  1. Work over the past years

MD thanked the APPG and secretariat for work completed over the past year.

  1. Suggested work for 2024

The below suggestions for work in 2024 were discussed:

  • MD: Recruit 20 Members by March to comply with new APPG rules.
    • Kerry McCarthy, John McNally and Allan Dorans agreed during the meeting to become Members, bringing the current total to 14.
  • MD: Prepare a bill should any of the group have any opportunities to put forward legislation. IM and DW to take forward.
  • BSH: Develop a short document of easy and inexpensive things that could be done by an incoming government. IM and DW to take forward.

All attendees were in support of these initiatives.

  1. AOB
    KM mentioned the current petitions on NAMs and on dogs, and suggested an incremental approach might achieve more engagement.

There was no other business, and the meeting was closed by the Chair.

Current APPG members (15):

  1. Andrew Selous
  2. Baroness Bennett of Manor Hardcastle
  3. Ben Lake
  4. Caroline Lucas
  5. Giles Watling
  6. Henry Smith
  7. Kenny McAskill
  8. Kim Johnson
  9. Liz Saville Roberts
  10. Sir Peter Bottomley
  11. Tan Dhesi
  12. Kerry McCarthy
  13. Allan Dorans
  14. John McNally
  15. Peter Dowd (confirmed after meeting that he would like to join membership list)


Write and circulate minutes and actions IM, DW
Recruit 5 more Members by March to comply with new rules IM, DW
Develop bill for legislation opportunities. IM, DW
Develop a short document of easy and inexpensive things that could be done by an incoming government IM, DW