The UK is a world leader in life science research. Yet many breakthroughs are lost in translation from preclinical animal models to humans. There is now a tremendous opportunity to bridge the translational gap with human relevant technologies.

It is time to focus on the human.



The Alliance for Human Relevant Science is an inclusive collaboration of like-minded companies, organisations and individuals. Working together, we will accelerate innovation and create positive change.

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CN Bio Innovations
Animal Free Research UK
Safer Medicines Trust


  • Support better science for better health
  • Save lives – human and animal – through improved safety and efficacy testing of medicines and other chemicals
  • Save money through more relevant research

Our Launch Event

On 8th February 2017, Safer Medicines Trust, Dr Hadwen Trust (now Animal Free Research UK), Kirkstall, Cyprotex and CN Bio Innovations launched the Alliance for Human Relevant Science in the House of Commons.

Sir David Amess MP hosted the event, which was full to capacity with senior scientists and MPs whose enthusiasm and support were palpable. 

Working together, the Alliance will help to speed the transition away from animal testing, towards more efficient and predictive models based on human biology. Many breakthroughs are lost in translation from animals to humans. There is now a tremendous opportunity to make drug development faster and safer, using human relevant technologies. Some exciting technologies were highlighted at the meeting, including cutting-edge models of the liver, linked together with other organs to realistically mimic the human body.

Sir David said: “Britain is a world leader in life science research. But we had better look to our laurels if we do not want to be left behind, while others take the lead in embracing more predictive tools based on human biology. I wish the new Alliance every success with this hugely important initiative.”

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